Duygu Mühendislik İnşaat

About Us

DUYGU Engineering and Construction Company began its commercial activities in Kayseri in 1994. Engaged in airport, highway, railway, irrigation channel, pond works for infrastructure and building contracting business in superstructure, the company has been investing in residential construction in the private sector. Having so far put signature to the construction projects for so many military facilities, the company successfully and proudly served to the Turkish Armed Forces. Being engaged in the dwelling production by producing cooperative housing society, the company proceeded to develop deluxe residential, business and shopping centre projects especially in metropolis.

DUYGU Engineering and Construction Company
strictly complies with the current laws and regulations for all its activities, is well aware of its responsibilities towards the state and the society, endeavours to render services with a sense of responsibility while creating employment opportunities.

Based on its experiences and knowledge, DUYGU Engineering and Construction Company carries on with further investments and commitments, works devotedly with no concessions on quality and makes great efforts to contribute to the nation in its field with its professional team, equipment and personnel.